Category: Cookies

Aug 10

Double Chocolate Macarons Recipe

Surely just those three words are enough to have any gourmet, or for that matter gourmand, salivating. Macaron, as opposed to macaroon, are the delicate meringue based confection made ground almonds, sandwiched together with a cream, buttercream, chocolate ganache or fruit purée. When sandwiched like this they are called a gerbet in French. It is …

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Aug 02

The Ultimate Chocolate Cookie Recipe

Where do you stand when it comes to the chocolate cookie? There are those who track down the perfect crunch and snap, those who like a plain dough and the chocolate kick delivered by chips or better still chunks. Are you one who goes for sticky unctuousness? Perhaps you favour the addition of nuts as …

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May 10

Easy To Make Recipe: Creamy Chocolate Cookie Balls

Along with the changing of the seasons there are new holidays to consider and you want to find some great tasting appetizers to serve to your family, friends, work associates or party guests. for instance, soon it will be Easter and you may be interested in finding some appetizer recipes that you can make ahead …

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Feb 14

White Chocolate Raspberry Cookies

Everyone loves cookies. They are small, portable, and sweet. White chocolate and raspberries seem to be made for each other. Why not combine them all and make white chocolate raspberry cookies? It may sound decadent, but you only live once, right? Close your eyes and imagine… the first bite. Your teeth break through the light …

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Aug 23

Cookie Dough Truffles

The truffle has come a long way since the 1920s. Legend says it was created by a pot of hot cream accidentally poured into a bowl of chocolate chunks. This delicious chocolate and cream mixture, known as ganache, formed the centre of the original cocoa encrusted chocolate truffle. Today, a variety of tasty truffle fillings …

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